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Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. (GI)     Informationstechnische Gesellschaft im VDE (ITG)

ARCS 2020 - 33rd International Conference on Architecture of Computing Systems
ARCS 2020



The proceedings of the workshops will be published by VDE and IEEE Explore.


14th GI/ITG Workshop on Parallel Systems and Algorithms

The PASA workshop series has the goal to build a bridge between theory and practice in the area of parallel systems and algorithms. In this context practical problems which require theoretical investigations as well as the applicability of theoretical approaches and results to practice shall be discussed. An important aspect is communication and exchange of experience between various groups working in the area of parallel computing, e.g. in computer science, electrical engineering, physics or mathematics.

Workshop Website  |  Call for Papers


6th FORMUS3IC - Workshop

Automotive and avionic industry demands more and more processor performance to satisfy the requests of their consumers. Semiconductor manufactures are forced to move to multi and many-core embedded processors to provide this compute power. However, embedded legacy software and certificate constraints hinder the distribution of safe, reliable, and secure software for many/multi-core systems. On the other side, this development cannot be reversed anymore.
The FORMUS3IC research community is in its core a consortium from academia and industry funded from Bavarian Research Foundation that pursues to find answers for the challenges arising by using multi-/many-core processors in future automotive and avionics tasks. The community intends to expand its orientation more and more to the international community and invites researchers working on challenges for automotive and avionic applications using heterogeneous architectures to join. To face these challenges a holistic approach is addressed containing software requirements specification, e.g. given in adaptive AUTOSAR or EASTADL, safety and security aspects for embedded heterogeneous architectures, sensor fusion applications, performance modelling and parallel design patterns using embedded CPUs, special cores, embedded GPUs and FPGAs to provide both performance and low energy consumption.

(PDF) Call for Papers


3rd Workshop on Computer Architectures in Space

The aerospace market has undergone rapid changes within the last 15 years. Due to technological progress in consumer electronics satellite design has evolved from the purely use of customized hardware solutions towards the utilization of commercial off-the-shelf electronics, potentially leading to higher cost efficiency and an increased system performance. The dawn of the CubeSats and upcoming Mega-Constellations of miniaturized satellites are currently fueling the progress, attracting venture capital in a never seen before ratio. Mega-Constellations of satellites for a diverse range of applications have become reality with the successful funding of OneWeb, with a total investment of $500 Million. 2015 has been the year with the single most venture capital investments in spaceflight.
While using COTS electronics, such missions require an increased level of dependability in all subsystems to enable their use within critical missions and for such with prolonged lifetime requirements. However, miniaturized satellites are plagued by low dependability, and require failure tolerance and reliability-enhancing measures to be implemented. Furthermore, on board computers of such spacecraft need to take into account specific boundary conditions which can differ significantly from those of standard computing systems. These comprise environmental factors like launch loads or radiations robustness but also limitations regarding power consumption, mass or costs.
The workshop will discuss existing and novel approaches for computer architectures in space, targeting an audience from computer architects to space engineers working on miniaturized as well as traditional larger scale satellites. Synergies to existing terrestrial applications as well as computing architectures of constellations and swarms of satellites are a focus of the workshop, being firmly embedded in the main conference. The ARCS conferences series has over 30 years of tradition reporting leading edge research in computer architecture and operating systems.

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Conference Workshops are AnnouncedFeb. 12, 2020
The workshops within the ARCS 2020 conference are announced. We are looking forward to FORMUS3IC, CompSpace, and PASA.

Extended Paper Submission DeadlineJan. 13, 2020
The deadline for paper submission is extended to January 31, 2020.

Call for PapersNov. 11, 2019
Authors are invited to submit original, unpublished research papers. More information can be found here. Paper submission deadline: January 17, 2020.